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How accurate are urine tests?

Our tests are lab-quality urine tests that are over 99% accurate and can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after fertilization.

How much do your pregnancy tests cost?

All of our services are provided free of charge to our clients.

Will my family or friends know that I visited The Pregnancy Center?

No. We encourage you to involve your parents in your pregnancy decision when possible, but that is your decision. The Pregnancy Center has a strict confidentiality policy and we will not release information about you, your pregnancy or your affiliation with us unless ordered to do so by a court subpoena.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms differ for each person. A woman can be pregnant and experience some, none or all of the typical symptoms. Symptoms can include morning sickness, tender breasts, excessive tiredness, sudden weight gain, missed periods and change in appetite. More information visit our Pregnancy Symptoms page.

What should I do if I suspect I am pregnant?

We suggest women stop all smoking, drinking and illegal drug use if there is any suspicion of pregnancy. If it has been at least a week since you believe you may have become pregnant, call us to schedule a pregnancy test.

Does The Pregnancy Center perform abortions?

No. The Pregnancy Center is not a medical facility, so we do not perform abortions. We do offer information on the different types of procedures available, the risks involved, and can help determine how far along a woman is in her pregnancy so she will know which types are available to her. This is important information for a woman to have in order to choose what is best for her.

Is there more than one type of abortion?

Yes. Depending on your stage of pregnancy there may be as many as three different procedures available. Each type has unique risks involved. It is very important for a woman to understand the differences so she can make a choice that she will be comfortable with.

Is The Pregnancy Center only for women?

No. The Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy information and counseling to men and family members as well, whether or not the involved pregnant woman is one of our clients.

Do you accept walk in appointments?

Yes. However, to ensure the fastest service, we do recommend that you schedule an appointment. We accept same day appointments, but walk-ins are welcome and are served as staff is available.

What are the Centers hours?

Thomasville Center (320 N. Crawford Street)

The Pregnancy Center in Thomasville has appointments available Mondays through Wednesdays from 10:00 am until 3:45 pm and Thursdays from 10:00 am until 4:15 pm. Appointments usually take an hour to complete. Call today to schedule an appointment (229) 226-0510.

Cairo Center (930 4th Street, S.E.)

The Pregnancy Center in Cairo has appointments available Mondays through Wednesdays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm . Appointments usually take an hour to complete. Call today to schedule an appointment (229) 397-0350

I don't live close to your center. How can I find a center near me?

Go to for information on pregnancy centers near you.


Our free and confidential services include: pregnancy test and pregnancy verification, free referral for ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, information on all options (parenting, adoption, abortion), compassionate peer counseling, parenting educational program, abstinence education, abortion recovery, material assistance with maternity and baby needs and information on your pregnancy. Located in Thomasville, Georgia, we are a resource to those facing a crisis pregnancy.