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Reliable pregnancy tests with immediate results

Our laboratory quality pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after fertilization.

Pregnancy Consultation

An advocate is someone who supports or speaks in favor of someone or something. Our advocates are trained to answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, parenting, and your reproductive and sexual health. They listen to your situation and concerns to help you determine the best choice for not only your present but your future as well.

Educational Services

We provide a variety of educational opportunities to assist you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  Some of the topics covered are your developing baby, newborn care and parent - child relationship.  Please click here for the complete list of topics and details on Earn While You Learn program.

STD and Sexual Health Information

We provide education on current facts and information concerning STDs and your sexual health. Including information on topics such as emergency contraceptives, how at risk you might be of contracting a STD and healthy sexual choices.

Community Referrals

Referrals for local services that our clients find useful are available. These services include, but are not limited to, educational assistance, physician referrals, vocational assistance, childbirth classes, financial assistance, Medicaid referrals (including pregnancy verification letter), and housing referrals. We also provide limited referrals for free, non-diagnostic ultrasound.

Small Support Groups

Need to talk to someone about your abortion experience? Planning to choose to parent? Want to find out more about fetal development? Would you like to meet weekly to learn to set goals for your future and the skills to meet those goals? The Pregnancy Center offers various relevant individual and small support groups to meet your needs.

Other Resources to meet your needs

These resources include material assistance for our clients through pregnancy and infancy.

All Services are Free and Confidential

Though clients must fall within certain criteria to be eligible for some services, no client will ever be discriminated against based on sex, race, age, creed, religious background or any other arbitrary factor.



This center does not perform or refer for abortion.

Our free and confidential services include: pregnancy test and pregnancy verification, free referral for ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, information on all options (parenting, adoption, abortion), compassionate peer counseling, parenting educational program, abstinence education, abortion recovery, material assistance with maternity and baby needs and information on your pregnancy. Located in Thomasville, Georgia, we are a resource to those facing a crisis pregnancy.